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Your design or our design, we'll help get you a design that can be created using 3D printing FDM or mSLA processes.


Using Multiple printers, filament colors, and materials; your design takes physical shape

Post Processing

Most of the time a 3D print requires finishing. From light sanding and priming, to painting and sealing. From work piece to show piece.



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About Us

Who We Are:

Founded in 2017, 3D Forge is has quickly grown from two printers to more than fifteen just to keep up with demand. We specialize in both large custom orders and small detailed pieces. We are dedicated to providing high quality products.

We offer design, printing, and post processing services.

Why Us:
We can print your 3D model, print the 3D model you've found, or even design 3D models for you! Our farm of 3D printers can rapidly produce one or multiples  of the item you need at a reasonable cost. 

If you have a link to a 3D printable model you would like to print, please contact us for a quote!

Check out these popular repositories of 3D models:

If you would like to have a custom model designed, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure you are satisfied with the final product.

Pricing is based on a number of factors, please  contact us for a detailed quote.


Here are some of the things we consider when drafting your quote: 
 -3D Modeling: you provide the image or concept we'll turn it into a 3D model. 
 -Print Hours: rates vary for basic FDM prints (Filament 3D printers), or masked SLA printing (UV Cured Resin)

 -Post Processing: Includes: Sanding, Painting, Assembly of complex models.
 -Any accessories needed for the prints. This includes electronics, magnets and many other options

Cosplay, Props, and Collectibles:
For many of us Games, Movies, and TV shows hold a special place in our hearts. That's why making props and collectibles are probably our favourite projects.
3D printing takes on the bulk of the prop building and lets you focus on the details of the build, or you can get a completely finished prop... it's all up to you.

Like many other types of production, 3D printing requires post processing after printing to get that amazing finish. This includes sanding, resin coating, installing hardware or padding and painting. 

Most of our Cosplay and model products come in one of 4 options:

Do it Yourself Kit:
This the cheapest option. Parts are straight off the printer. You glue and assemble the pieces. There will likely be small cosmetic defects that are easily cleaned up with sanding and priming. You're doing the majority of the work. 

Built Kit:
We use the best adhesives and put the project together. You do the rest of the post production. 

Ready to Paint Kit: 
We'll do the prep for you. We use a combination or 2 part resin, primer, and sanding to make this ready to paint. You do the final paint job.

Fully Finished:
Out of the box and on to your shelf, this option is ready to go. This may not be available on all kits.

We know many of you are amazing artists and would prefer to finish the items yourself.  Use the Contact Us form for more information.

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